is the outcome of my passion towards food. I am basically a techie but a great food lover. I love to explore stories behind the delicacies and also to enjoy the aroma of each bit of dish I find. Getting acquainted with various cuisines and the recipes is a way to know different culture too.

I am exploring the world of food with great passion and taking you also with me to get acquainted with the experiences I got. There is vast collection of alluring and delicious experiences to share with you. Sharing my experiences with food through electronic media is the best way through which I can reach you. is an attempt to share all the awesome experiences I ever had with food in most beautiful form. The awesome delicacies that I have tried, the different cuisines I came across and many more. It is a website all about food and an ideal one for all those who are interested in exploring about food. I also try my best to bring to you some good and unique recipes that you can try at home and get great appreciation from all.

Loving food and living by exploring food from various parts of the world can not only linger as the delicious recipes on your taste buds but can give you lot of experiences. Traveling in search of food gets you close towards different culture and also make you know them deep. Each dish is a story and which teaches you about the way taste is evolved. The world of taste and food is magical and alluring. You get a chance to leap in to this awesome world of food to gain the most amazing information through

This is a journey of mine in which I take you along to show how I felt with each taste, what I got from every cuisine. When you are so much into food, you also get acquainted with the various healthy food items and the ones that you need to avoid. Know your food, understand what is in each dish so that your health gets enhanced.

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