eating garlic

Garlic is one such kind of the food item that can be regarded as the one useful for treating various medical conditions. Eating garlic can really make much change to your health. Modern science could prove some of these health benefits recently but it is such food item used from so much of time. If you are someone who do not like to use garlic then here are some of the things that can make you get acquainted with the various advantages that you can get by including garlic in the diet.

Medicinal Properties

Garlic comes with an ingredient named Allicin which can be helpful for providing so many medicinal properties. Garlic comes under the plant in Allium family. This is something that is related so closely with leeks, shallots and onions. This plant usually grows in so many different parts in world. It is used as very popular kind of the ingredient for cooking as it has got delicious taste and awesome aroma. Ancient history reveals so many facts about the usage of garlic in the form of medicine. It has got so many medicinal and health properties that make it used as a medicine from time immemorial.


Garlic comes with so many nutrients which are essential for your body and keep you in good health. Fiber, selenium, vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Manganese are the various things that are present in this food item. Garlic has got good amounts of Vitamin B1, iron, phosphorous, potassium, copper and calcium. Garlic even has traces of many other kinds of nutrients. The fact is that it comes with almost all the things that your body needs in small amount. Amount of calories in garlic is not too much and so it cannot lead to gaining of weight.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the villain that leads to the ailments like strokes, heart attacks and so on. It is good for you to include garlic in the diet so that you can deal with these issues in much faster way. Garlic supplements or garlic as it is can help in reducing the blood pressure in much significant manner. If you are having garlic daily then you can get much amazing results from this.

Fighting Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Garlic comes with antioxidants that can help in supporting the body for the protective mechanisms with oxidative damage. If you are having garlic in good amount then it can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. This can be much helpful in preventing the common diseases to brain that include dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Better Health for Bone

Garlic can have much effect on the bone loss. Garlic makes it possible for decreasing bone loss by the increase of the levels of estrogen in women. It is found that even the women who are nearing menopause can get much significant results by eating garlic regularly.

Detoxifying Heavy Metals

Eating garlic in good amount can be helpful in detoxifying the heavy metals that are there in body. It is possible for sulphur compounds that are present in garlic to be much helpful in protecting against organ damage caused by the toxic metals. The amount of lead and such kind of toxic metals can be reduced well by the consumption of garlic.



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