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08 Apr

If you restrain yourself from eating potatoes thinking about the carbohydrates, then here are some of the facts about potatoes that can surprise you. When it comes to any food item, there is no point of avoiding that completely thinking about the negative side as there are chances for it to have so many positive aspects related it which may outweigh the negatives. Potato is one such food item that has gone through so many criticisms and which many have thrown out completely from their diet. Here are some of the major advantages associated with the potatoes that can make it irresistible.

Nutrients in eating potatoes

If u thinks that potatoes are all about carbs then the following facts can change your outlook towards them. Here i am talking about a normal and medium sized potato. It comes with 164 calories, 0.2gram fat, 37 grams carbohydrates, 4.3.grams protein and 4.7 grams dietary fiber. It can provide you with 25 percentage of potassium, 12 percentage of magnesium, 30 percentage of vitamin B-6, 51 percentage of vitamin c and 2 percentage of calcium out of what you need for the day. The happiest fact that can really spread an awesome smile on the lips of the potato lovers is that they do not have cholesterol in them. Easter is all set to spread the message of divine power and during Lents you can try some good recipes with potatoes. The dishes with potato can make your Good Friday much yummy.

  • Bone health

you can entitle the responsibility of your bones to potatoes without a second thought. It comes with        all the minerals necessary for building as well as maintaining the structure of bones. Zinc and iron helps in taking care of the production and also maturing of the collagen. Phosphorous and calcium deals with the structure of bones.

  • Blood pressure

     Potatoes come with less amount of sodium in it which makes it suitable for maintaining the blood pressure such that it do not become high. Potassium, calcium and magnesium can even maintain the blood pressure to the required level.


  • Heart

this is an era in which heart diseases have contributed to most of the deaths. Potatoes can keep your heart safe. The primary factor is that it has no cholesterol in it. Another amazing thing about it is the fiber present in potato helps in reducing cholesterol in the body. There is a component called homocysteine that can get accumulated in the body leading to issues to the blood vessels. Vitamin B- 6 present in potatoes can inhibit it’s production. Potassium can reduce the chances of individuals to get inflicted by heart diseases.

  • Inflammation

choline that is present in the potatoes can help in enhancing muscle movement, learning ability, memory and sleep. It can also take care of cellular membrane and can absorb fat. Reduction in inflammation can also be achieved with choline.

  • Digestion and weight management

potatoes come with good amount of fiber that promotes digestion. Fiber needs some time to be digested and so it can inhibit hunger. Potato can turn out to be a holy grail for the ones who are struggling to manage weight.

  • Cancer

Folate, vitamin c and quercetin that are present in the potatoes can reduce the chances of cancer. Fiber reduces the chances for getting affected by colorectal cancer.

Potatoes are simply awesome isn’t it. Indians usually include potatoes in their diet in some form or the other. The crispy potato fries, the yummy potato stews, the delicious potato masalas and the list is endless. If you are on lent for Easter then you can try some yummy potato recipes and elate your taste buds. There are so many recipes with potatoes that can make your Good Friday and also lent period much delicious.



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