11 Apr

Sapodilla or zapota which is popularly known as chikoo in India is the one that comes under the category of tropical fruits. It is rich in calories and also has got pulp with digestible sugars. It can replenish the body with energy and all that your body needs. There are various advantages that you get by eating Sapodilla. It is indeed yummy and can be awesome to make juice or shake. Understand the advantages before including this fruit into your diet.

High in calories

Sapodilla is a kind of fruit that has got good amount of calories in it. Consuming 100 grams of this fruit can provide you with about 83 calories. This fruit also comes with higher amount of fiber which can make digestion much easier. Any issues of constipation can be solved well by this fruit. Chances for colon cancer can be reduced by the consumption of Sapodilla regularly.

Presence of antioxidant

Tannin is the polyphenolic kind of antioxidant that is present in Sapodilla. This compound has got antibacterial, antifungal and such kind of properties that makes it ideal for medical industry. This fruit can even help you get rid of the issues of haemorrhoids in natural way.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Tannins that are present in Sapodilla can help in resolving the issues of digestion. Bowel irritating syndromes can be solved by consuming Sapodilla regularly. Tannins can help in easily resolving gastric issues too. Grapes, pomegranate etc are some other fruits which contain good amount of tannins in it.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C

Presence of vitamin C and vitamin A makes this fruit much appealing. Vitamin A provides the benefit of enhancing the health of your eyes and also improves your skin. The health of mucus membrane can be maintained well by vitamin a. It also helps in alleviating the probability of getting affected by lung or oral cancer. Vitamin c helps in enhancing resistance towards infectious agents.

Essential minerals and vitamins

Sapodilla is a good source of minerals like iron, copper and potassium. It even has got minerals like pantothenic acid, niacin and folate. These minerals and vitamins are helpful in maintaining your health in better way. They are necessary for metabolic activities to happen in proper way.




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