Aloo paratha - An Indian recipe
02 Mar

Parathas are all time favorites of Indians. We have so many varieties of parathas that really taste awesome. Parathas are actually from punjabi cuisine. Most of us stay out of parathas with the thought that it is a heavy dish. It is true that they are heavy but having them once in a while cannot harm you. They can be great for active people to have the amount of energy they need for completing their chores. It is not so hard to make aloo paratha.

If you have kids at home who do not eat veggies then parathas are awesome way for making your kids have the veggies by stuffing them inside the parathas. They are really very tasty and kids enjoy having them. Aloo paratha that is mentioned here is the one that is made only with aloo masala stuffed inside wheat dough but you can try all the possible things to be stuffed.

Why aloo paratha?

Before preparing aloo paratha it is good to know why you need to make them. If you do not want to prepare any side dish but want to serve something really awesome then aloo paratha can serve your purpose. You can have aloo parathas as it is or with curd or pickle. These parathas remain very soft even when they are cool. They are perfect to be packed for kids to school.
If your kid loves aloo paratha then you can make it as snack. Make the filling masala by adding some other veggies too so that your kids get great and nutritious snacks. Having something tasty once in a while really makes your taste buds happy.


This is a paratha and so you need all that for making dough as you do with roti or chappathi. The filling can be made as per what you want. Here the filling is made in simple way with basic


1. Whole wheat flour

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2. Salt

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3. Oil

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4. Aloo(potato)

Aloo paratha - An Indian recipe

5. Chilly powder

Aloo paratha - An Indian recipe

6. Garam masala

Aloo paratha - An Indian recipe

7. Turmeric powder

Aloo paratha - An Indian recipe

8. Corriander leaves

Aloo paratha - An Indian recipe

9. Green chillies

Aloo paratha - An Indian recipe

10. Ginger garlic paste

Aloo paratha - An Indian recipe

The masala can be made as per your wish. The taste that you find appealing can be brought to aloo filling by adding the right kind of masala powder and spices to it.

Things to consider while you make aloo paratha

When you prepare any dish, you always expect it to be made in the right texture and in it’s authentic taste. Here are some tips that may benefit you in making awesome aloo parathas.
Aloo paratha is a kind of stuffed food and so when you are making dough, it is necessary for you to ensure that dough is not so loose. A consistent dough can only be used for making aloo parathas and the other type can endup in disaster.

While kneading dough oil or ghee is added for making parathas really soft. This can make your parathas much yummy too.

It is possible to add other veggies too into the filling along with aloo so that your parathas can be more nutritious. When you are adding anything to the filling make sure that you chop them really fine. Big pieces of veggies can come out while you are rolling the parathas. Potato should also be smashed well for getting good texture of aloo paratha


Step 1. Boil potatoes in water.
Step 2. Make dough for parathas. Mix salt,oil and water with whole wheat flour. Add salt and water to wheat flour in adequate amount so that you can make dough in possible way.
Step 3. Take the boiled potatoes and peel them. Smash the potatoes well after peeling. Potatoes should be smashed well so that you get really a good kind of filler for you parathas. If potatoes are not smashed well then it can ruin the texture of parathas. Make ginger garlic paste in fine form.
Step 4. Heat some oil, suate the potatoes by adding the chilly powder,turmeric powder, salt and finely chopped corriander to it. Do not add so much of salt as we have already added salt in dough.
Step 5.  Make balls out of wheat dough.
Step 6.  Flatten the balls. You can even roll it with rolling pin to about 5 inches.
Step 7.  Fill the flattened dough with aloo filler that you have made before.
Step 8.  Now fold the flattened dough well so that filler will not come out.
Step 9.  Roll the filled parathas with roller pin in the same size like normal rotti.
Step 10. Take a pan and apply some ghee on it. Then make aloo paratha on it.

This is an awesome dish which can taste exceptional. You can apply some butter on it and have that with curd or pickle


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