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05 Oct

Badam Halwa, it just reminds me of that mouthwatering taste. This dessert can be said as a rich recipe that makes you have it on and on. It is not exaggeration and I know all who have tried this dish will obviously agree with me. This dish is not something you cannot make at home but you also should put in much effort but any foodie who loves to experience alluring taste in the healthiest way will find it worth trying especially during Diwali.


Story of Badam Halwa

Badam halwa which is also called the royal dessert has a story to reveal which is more connected with trade. Halwa is a dish which is solely of Arab origin. The texture of this Arab delicacy has much difference with the Halwa that we get these days in India. When Arabs traveled East and West for trade, this dessert also accompanied them and became part of the cuisine of other countries too. In India when they reached Kozhikode and Karachi for trade, Halwa was happily accepted by the natives. The SM street of Kozhikode with it’s wide varieties of halwa is a splendid example that shows how deeply the recipe has got attached to our cuisine. The influence of Persians and Mughal on halwa made this dish much richer. Badam halwa thus got introduced by Mughal as a rich dish full of ghee and cooked in milk. This expensive ingredient was cooked with great simplicity to make the elusive Badam Halwa.


Ingredients to Make Badam Halwa

Badam, the expensive ingredient is the king of this royal dish and here are other ingredients for trying this dish at your home.

Badam – 1 cup

How to Make Badam Halwa-foodiesbay

Milk – 1 cup

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Sugar – ¾ to 1 Cup

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Ghee – 1 to 1 ½ cup

How to Make Badam Halwa-foodiesbay

Water – 1 cup

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Food Color or Saffron – 1 pinch

How to Make Badam Halwa-foodiesbay


Procedure to Make Badam Halwa

Badam Halwa is the dish which can be made at home and it really tastes amazing. Here is how you can make this royal dish at your home.

Step 1 : Soak Badam overnight and peel it off the next day when you are planning to make the dish.

Step 2 : Mix the food color or saffron in milk and grind badam with ¾ cup of milk to form very fine paste.

Step 3 : Boil water in a vessel, put sugar once water is boiled and stir it in simmer until the sugar melts.

Step 4 : Add badam paste and the rest of the milk to the hot solution of sugar and water.

Step 5 : Keep stirring the mixture in simmer until the mixture gets to a semisolid consistency.

Step 6 : Add ghee to your halwa and keep on stirring until ghee is completely absorbed by halwa.

The procedure is very simple and has got only few ingredients. The hard thing to do in this dish is to stir. You should make sure that you do not stop stirring else it can be a huge disaster. Badam Halwa can be your Diwali special sweet made at home for your family. Let this Diwali be amazingly delicious with this delicacy that is full of love for your family.


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