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This is an era when people face the issue of memory loss and Alzheimer’s with aging. It has become so common and it is found that our lifestyle changes are contributing to this condition. It is necessary for you to try all the possibilities so that you can get rid of this condition and stay healthy. Here are some of the food items that can help in nourishing neurons, protecting against the neural degeneration, reducing inflammation and also for boosting the brain power.


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The turmeric is one such kind of the component that provides so many benefits to us. Turmeric is usually included in most of the Indian dishes for adding yellow color to them. There are so many researches done that have shown that turmeric is necessary for boosting the memory of the individual. It can be help in slowing down the progression of the diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and also can help in the production of the newer brain cells and thereby improving brain power. It is something that can calm inflammation which occurs with nerve and brain cells. There are chances for the turmeric to easily help in improving health in better manner.




Luteolin is the plant compound that can help in lowering the rate at which the memory loss happens with age. This compound can be much helpful in calming inflammation that occurs to brain. These kinds of inflammations are the primary factors that can result in the neurodegeneration. Luteolin can help in inhibiting actions associated with inflammatory cytokines and thus can prevent the cycle associated with degenerative changes of brain. Celery has got good amount of luteolin in it. Carrots and peppers are the other sources that have got luteolin in that.

Cauliflower and Broccoli

Cauliflower and Broccoli


Choline is the compound that has got the ability for boosting the growth of the newer brain cells. Prenatal choline can help in boosting the intelligence and it’s deficiency can result in the defects related with neural tube. Choline can help in keeping the neurotransmitters healthy. This compound also helps in keeping the brain sharp and also can make your memory stronger. Cauliflower and broccoli comes with good amount of choline.




Omega 3 fatty – acids can act in the form of protective shield on brain and can enhance the functioning of neurotransmitters and brain power. The individuals who have good amount of omega 3 – fatty acids especially DHA have got more chances for better memory as well as cognitive skills. Walnuts have good amount of omega – 3 fatty acids in that which can help your brain function in amazing way.

Crab and Brain Power

There are least chances for crab to be considered as brain food but it is one such that can provide your brain with better power. Crab has got good amount of phenylalanine which is necessary for the production of dopamine, thyroid hormone, adrenaline and noradrenaline. Another major advantage of having crab is that it does not have mercury as like that of much other seafood.



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