10 Mar


Summer is all set to come and you need to choose the finest and most suitable food items for this season so that you stay healthy and fit. Diet should be set according to each season so that you can have the finest way to live in the season. Your body start responding in negative way if you eat foods that do not suit the season. It is good for choosing the seasonal food as they are the best.

  1. Corn

best food for summer
corn is the food item that can be really beneficial to your body during the time of summer. This is the kind of the food item which can do miracles to your eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin are the antioxidants present in corn that help in the filtering of harmful sun rays so that your eyes get the same protection as with the sun glasses.


  1. Iced coffee

best food for summer

It would be great for you to start your day with a good beverage. For summer iced coffee can be a great start for the day. Skin cancer has become so common due to the exposure to the harmful rays. Caffeine can really be helpful in staying energetic. It is an ideal beverage for summer so that you can stay cool and energetic.


  1. Tart cherries for summer

best food for summer
Tart cherries form a great food during summer so that your body stays cool and fresh. These awesome fruits can help you in having better sleep. Pain of your body after work out can be reduced well by including this fruit in the diet. If you are someone who is trying to lose weight then these fruits form the right choice.


  1. Water melon

best food for summer
Water melon  is the tastiest fruit that is available in summer. This fruit can help you in staying hydrated. Water melon has got the capability of keeping your body cool. Lycopene is the component present in water melon that enhances the health of the skin. This fruit do not has huge amount calories in it and so you can include this in your diet without any fear.


  1. Mangoes

    best food for summer

Summer is the time when you get the sweet mangoes. Mangoes come with so much of fiber that it can make you have finest digestion. Mangoes also come with potassium to replace the amount that your body lose through activities. Mangoes can prevent cancer, helps in getting rid of issues like anemia and acne. Mangoes are ideal for the ones who need to gain weight.


Make this summer amazing with the right food items that you choose. Have a healthy and delicious summer…!!



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