indian breakfasts

This is the era of fast food and people tend to move away from the traditional dishes. This is not a good trend. When you eat the traditional dishes then your body gets what you need as per the geography and climate of the place. Our ancestors have chosen the traditional dishes after understanding the necessary things for your body as per the climate and the geographical condition where we live. These traditional dishes can make you stay in such a way that you can tackle with the climate and other circumstances. Here are the finest kinds of Indian breakfasts that are incredibly good.


Iddaly is such a kind of breakfast that really provides your body with all the necessary nutrients. Iddaly is made traditionally with the flour of black lentils and rice. For making iddaly the flour is made on the previous day and it is allowed to get fermented. This fermented flour is then poured to the special vessel that is designed for making iddaly. Iddaly is the food item that is cooked in steam. Iddaly is a complete and healthy breakfast. It tastes really great with different varieties of chutneys and also with sambar.


Dosa is another popular Indian breakfast that we can have without any doubt for breakfast. Dosa can also be made with the same kind of the flour of iddaly. The flour is again made on the previous day and then allowed to ferment. The health benefits of having black lentils and rice can be obtained with dosa too. In dosa we can try so many varieties which make it an interesting breakfast item. Plain roast, ghee roast, small dosas, masala dosa, tomato dosa and may more. Dosa allows you to try with different experiments and make yourself successful with that. It is an incredible food that is tasty and also is nutritious.


Chappathy is a popular breakfast item in North India, even south Indians love this. This food item is highly nutritious as it is made out of wheat. Make sure that you have chappathies made with whole wheat. Try to avoid the usage of refined floor for making chappathy. It can taste really great with any veggies or with daal. Having such a filling and healthy breakfast can make you stay in good health.

Aloo Paratha

Parathas are another popular North Indian breakfast items. Aloo parathas are really much popular among them. They are tasty and rich breakfast items that can keep you fuller. These parathas can make you really stay healthy and in good form. Potatoes are highly nutritious and help in curbing hunger.


Puttu is a traditional breakfast of Kerala. Puttu is also a steamed food that you can include for your breakfast. Puttu and Bengal gram curry makes a great combination. You can even have puttu with banana. Puutu is made out of rice flour normally but you can make it with wheat, raggi and also can try new experiments in it.



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