How to Make Cheese Rolls
27 Sep

Cheese rolls are such amazing delicacies that just sweeps you away in the roller coaster of taste that it creates in your mouth. It is a rich, filling and healthy snack that you can consider for your kids. The amount of calories that is there in the food of kids do not matter much as they are super active and easily burn out the calories that they intake. This dish is much popular in Southland of New Zealand and Otago. They are among the popular recipes from New Zealand.


Story of Cheese Rolls

Cheese roll is the dish that has it’s origin dated back to 1930s. Cheese roll recipe was first published in a newspaper of New Zealand in the year 1935. Even when the recipe was known from that time frame it is since 1950s when the sliced breads became common, the dish got wide popularity. Cheese roll recipe appeared first in cookbooks during 1951. The dish then gradually got popularity all across the world. It has got alluring taste that makes it a favorite one for everyone across the world.


Why Cheese Rolls?

It is a very heavy snack as it has got cheese in it and is also deep fried. This dish is a best choice for your kids if they have an aversion towards veggies. The veggies stuffed inside may not be noticed by the kids due it’s attractive look and yummy taste.


Ingredients to Make Cheese Rolls

Cheese roll is really a very easy recipe and it can be made by anyone. This dish is spicy and here are the ingredients to make cheese rolls for 4.

Bread – 8 Slices

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Grated Cheese – ½ Cup

How to Make Cheese Rolls

Coriander Leaves – 2 tablespoons(chopped)

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Salt – To Taste

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Oil- 2 tablespoons

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Onion- 1 of medium size(chopped)

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Green Capsicum – ½ cup( Chopped)

How to Make Cheese Rolls

Chopped cabbage – ½ cup

How to Make Cheese Rolls

Chopped ginger – ½ teaspoon

How to Make Cheese Rolls

Chopped green chili – 2

How to Make Cheese Rolls


Procedure to Make Cheese Rolls

Cheese roll is a full and rich snack that you can serve for your kids. Elders can also have it once in a while.

Step 1 : Take a bowl and put salt, coriander leaves and grated cheese to it. Mix all of that well and set that aside.

Step 2 : Take a non-stick pan and add two tablespoons of oil to it. Let the oil heat well, add onions and sauté that well till it turns golden color.

Step 3 : Now add green chilies, ginger, cabbage and capsicum to it and sauté well. Sauté veggies until they turn soft.

Step4 : Take water in a bowl and dip slices of bread well. Squeeze excess amount of water by pressing that between palms.

Step 5 : Place a spoon full of cheese mixture to each slice and evenly spread the same. Roll that tightly.

Step 6 : Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the cheese rolls until they turn golden and crispy. You can drain this on the absorbent paper to get rid off excess oil.

Cheese roll is a dish that is worth try as an evening snack or  can even consider as a starter for a special meal you are preparing for a dish. This dish can be easily experimented with many other veggies or even with chicken.


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