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Dal kachori is a typical north Indian dish which has got all the flavors of north. If you are someone who admires north Indian dishes then it is a perfect choice for you. It is indeed a great and filling food. You can include this dish for your breakfast or as snack as per your choice.

Why kachori

Kachori is a good option for the ones who need a very heavy and filling meal. It is hard to suggest that kachori makes a healthy food but it is indeed a filling one. You can choose this when you are very hungry.
Before having anything it is good to spare some time for figuring out what the dish can provide you. There are ingredients in it which really make it a good choice. This food that is a stuffed kind of pokoda uses black lentils to be stuffed inside it. Black lentils obviously are a good ingredient that provides you with so many nutrients that your body actually needs.
Black lentils can enhance your digestive health, takes care of your heart and even maintains the cholesterol levels.

Ingredients and procedure for Dal Kacori

The ingredients of dal kachori include maida, black lentils, jeera,garam masala, chilli powder,corriander leaves, salt etc.
Black lentils should be left soaked so that it can be used as filler for kachori. Maida is the base and you need to make it ready for filling the ingredients. You need to make the filler with black lentils,jeera,corrainder leaves, garam masala,chilly powder and salt. Make the base with maida and fill it with the mixture you make. It should be fried deep in oil for getting crispy kachoris.
Do not think too much about calories and health if you are planning to have kachoris once. Taste can replace health once in a while. There is no harm in tasting this delicacy once in a while.



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