Vanpayar(red dal or cow peas) puzhukku is a typical dish of kerala. Keralites usually love the combination of rice porridge(kanji) with various puzhukku. Vanpayar puzhukku can be an awesome side dish for kanji. This dish is significant now as it is a highly considerable one by malayalee christian families during their easter lent period. It can be really tasty to have steamy kanji with vanpayar puzhukku. It is really much easy to make vanpayar puzhukku. All the time you need is just in cooking the vanpayar.

Vanpayar puzhukku and kerala tradition

kerala normally has a cuisine that do not have much amount of masala in it. Puzzhukku is a kind of light side dish that do not come with much amount of masala. It goes with hot kanji and also rice.
easter lents are incomplete without this delicious dish. Vanpayar puzhukk is a common dish included with the Kanji as a part of lent in orthodox christian families. Easter lent can be made really tasty with this dish.
Even during the vijayadasmi celebrations, vanpayar has got a significant role. It forms an offering for goddess and is served as prasadam. Irrespective of religion, this dish has got a strong bonding with the tradition of kerala.

why vanpayar puzhukku?

Its always good to have the habit of knowing what you actually get from a particular food. There is no point of just having food but choosing the food items that is right for you is important. Vanpayar can provide you with so many benefits that enhances your health.
vanpayar can reduce the cholestrol in your body significantly. The antioxidants present in the cow peas can reduce the chance for having cancerous cell growth. The cowpeas can curb your appetite effectively which makes this food item an amazing one to include in the weight loss diet. diabetics can also be controlled effectively by this food item. This is the food item that not only makes your taste buds happy but also your stomach. It also come with less amount of fats and calories.


vanpayar puzhukk is a simple recipe that needs only very common ingredients in it. Here iam considering the ingredients for making vanpayar puzukk for four.
1. Vanpayar(red daal,cow peas)- 1 Cup
2. Small onion -7
3. Garlic – 2 To 3
4. Black pepper -1/2teaspoon
5. Red chilly- 2 To 3
6. Curry leaves
7. Turmeric powder- 1/4 teaspoon
8. Salt to taste
9. Mustard – 1/4 teaspoon
10. Coconut oil

Procedure To make vanpayar puzhuk

vanpayar puzhuk is the simple recipe that needs you to just cook the vanpayar and make the mix for tadka. Let’s figure out how easily we can do it.
1. You need to cook vanpayar first. Pour about 2 and 1/2 cups of water for cooking it.
2. Leave the vanpayar to be cooked,meanwhile we can prepare the mix. Chop small onions and garlic.
3. Grind garlic,onion,black pepper and red chilly.
4. Check for the vanpayar. It may hardly take 4 Whistles to be cooked in a pressure cooker. You can open the cooker after 20 minutes and drain it well.
5. Its the time for tadka. Heat the oil,add mustard, then the mix you have made. Add turmeric to it and suate well. You can fry to about two minutes.
6. Add the cooked vanpayar to it with 1/4 cup of water to it.
This is a very easy recipe to make so that you can give a healthy side dish for your family.

Handy tips

when you are making vanpayar puzhukk, there are certain things that can make it much easier. It is good to soak vanpayar for about 2 hours so that you can cook it in just 2 whistles.
It is a healthy recipe that can be awesome for your easter lents. Serve your family with a healthy and yummy dish by preparing vanpayar puzhukk.

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