Eggs are amongst those food items that can be classified under the category of super-foods. This food item is usually avoided by the ones who are considering calorie restricted diet. It is high nutritious and can be an ideal one to be included in the fast and modern food style. If you are one among those who avoid eating eggs then here are the things that may make you change the decision. They can provide you with good health and necessary nutrition for your body.


Highly Nutritious

Eggs are one amongst those food items which are highly nutritious on earth. Whole eggs come with so many nutrients that include selenium, phosphorous, vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5, Folate and Vitamin A. These nutrients are really much good for you to improve the health well. Eggs also have got many other nutrients included in that which are much necessary for the health. Eggs can be considered as perfect food which have got bits of every nutrient that your body needs. If you are eating eggs that are pastured then it would be much better for you.


Eggs Do Not Effect Blood Cholesterol

Eggs are rich in the amount of cholesterol. Eggs come with about 212 mg of cholesterol that is more than half of what is needed for you daily. Cholesterol in egg does not increase the cholesterol in blood. You cannot find any kind of increase in the blood cholesterol with the consumption of egg. It is found that most of the people do not face any issues in having eggs. It is good for the ones who have issues like familial hypercholesterolemia to avoid or reduce the usage of eggs in diet. It can really lead to hazardous situations if you are not taking care of this.


Increases Good Cholesterol

HDL which is the good and necessary cholesterol in the body usually raises when you consume eggs. People who have higher amount of HDL may have fewer chances to get affected by stroke, heart diseases and many other ailments. HDL can really make individual stay healthy. Eating egg can make you healthy as it has got good cholesterol in it.


High in Choline

Choline is the nutrient that most of the individuals lack and it is the one that is used for building cell membranes and also in producing the signalling molecules in brain with many different functions. Choline is available in adequate amount in whole eggs which can make you incredibly healthy.


Eating Eggs is Good for Eyes

Eyesight can become worst with age and so it is necessary to think about consuming eggs in good amount. Eggs come with zeaxanthin, lutein etc which are the helpful in building retina of eye. It is the egg yolk that contains more amount of these antioxidants. Deficiency of vitamin A is the factor that has lead to majority of blindness in world and you get that in abundance from eating eggs.



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