How to Make English Trifle
23 Aug

English trifle is a dish which can knock up your taste buds with it’s amazing blend of ingredients. It just melts on your tongue, taking to the epitome of joy. If you are a real foodie you cannot stop yourself from enjoying this delicacy. All who have tasted authentic English trifle might have gone through this roller coaster of tastes that have filled your heart. It is not usually the quantity but it is the taste that fills us and keeps us pleasant. We are towards the journey to explore and experiment this dish which can obviously turn out to be the first pick among desserts.


Story of English Trifle

There is no fun in just making or having a dish. Being a foodie is not just about hogging on the stuffs that comes your way. It is also to explore the world of taste and gather information on the cuisines and recipes that excites you. Each dish has it’s own story filled with taste that may make it more delightful to enjoy it.

Trifle is the word which has come from French word Trufle which means something that creates less consequences. This dish, as you know is a blend of so many stuffs in it like fruits, cream, cake etc. This is a kind of pudding which like many other puddings evolved out to make use of the leftovers. Trifle took birth as a way to use stale cake. The dish in its earliest form is much different from what it is now.

There was a practice during 1700s to combine custard, alcohol, biscuits or cake in trifle bowl. This was more common among the southern planters who learnt this from British who settled in coastal south. The southern hostesses serve this dish with great pride in trifle bowl and it was a mandatory serving ware on their dining table. The cook books of 1751 and 1796 had included English trifle as a dish but then fruits were not part of this dish.


Why English Trifle?

It is a great delicacy that is rich with fruits, nuts, custard and all that which can arose your taste buds. It can really make a great dessert for your meal. Fruits and nuts make this dish healthy. Kids are going to enjoy it as it has an overwhelming taste. This single dessert can make your whole family happy with the meals.


How to Make Custard?

Custard is one among the ingredients in your English trifle, which is the reason for it’s richness and great taste. It is not just with trifle but many of the desserts and puddings from British cuisine add custard as one of the major ingredients. You can make custard easily to add to any dessert that you like.

Milk – 150 ml

How to Make English Trifle

Double cream- 250ml

How to Make English Trifle

Caster Sugar – 50 g

How to Make English Trifle

Egg Yolks- 6

How to Make English Trifle

Vanilla pod- 1

How to Make English Trifle

It is good to make use of a saucepan that is heavy bottomed for making custard. Pour milk, cream and add sugar of 1 teaspoon to it and simmer it. Now you need to whisk egg yolks and sugar until that turns creamy and pale. Take a heat proof bowl for whisking, so that you can pour warm milk to it. You need to then strain this using a fine sieve to saucepan. Add seeds from vanilla pod to it. You need to keep on stirring constantly at very low heat so that the custard turns thick. If you are trying to make this process speed up then it can end up in worst burning. Once it is thickened, you need to remove from heat and strain with the sieve again. Now your custard sauce or custard is read to use for your trifle.


Ingredients for English Trifle

Sponge cake/Pound cake- 160 g

How to Make English Trifle

Sweet Sherry – 3 tablespoon

How to Make English Trifle

Block jelly-135g

How to Make English Trifle

Raspberries, strawberries or apple-300g

How to Make English Trifle

Custard-500 ml

How to Make English Trifle

Whipping Cream- 500ml

How to Make English Trifle

Flaked almonds- Handful

How to Make English Trifle


Procedure to Make English Trifle

It is really very easy to make English trifle if all the ingredients are handy as all that you need to do is to mix things or layer the dish properly. You can prepare the dish in a huge glass dish or in small individual glass bowls. Here are the steps to follow for making this yummy dessert.

Step 1 : The bottom of the bowl or dish should be lined with trifle sponges or cake slices. You need to then sprinkle sherry on it and leave that for 5 minutes so that it soak well.

Step 2 : If you are making use of fresh strawberries then slice that thick and do reserve something for decoration. Apple also need to be sliced for using in the trifle. Frozen berries if used can be taken as whole.

Step 3 : The next layer is covering the sponge using liquid jelly. You need to then refrigerate the dish so that jelly is set properly. You can again add a thick layer of jelly and allow it to set.

Step 4 : The top layer is the one with whipped cream.

Step 5 : Strawberry or apple slices can be used as topping to decorate the dish. You also need to add the almonds on the top.

English trifle can be made by avoiding jelly if you do not have it or want it. Sherry can also be avoided if kids are going to have it. What makes the dish enjoyable depends on the cake you choose and the custard you make for it. It is a dish which welcomes customization and so alter it and try as per your creativity.


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