22 Feb

Including groundnut in your diet as a snack can be a good decision for healthy life. Eating groundnuts provide you with so many advantages so that you can stay healthy and in good form. Groundnuts are even considered as almonds of poor. It may look so simple and small but the amount of goodness it has can really amaze you. Here are the major advantages that you get when you include peanuts in the diet. It is not good to avoid this nut from the diet in the name of restricted diet.

Promoting Fertility

Eating groundnuts can help in promoting fertility. This nut is rich in folate and so it can enhance fertility in the individuals. It is also observed in studies that women who have taken folic acid before or at the time of pregnancy have got fewer chances for having a baby with serious issues in neural tube.

Fighting Depression by Eating Groundnuts

It is possible for you to enhance your mood by eating groundnuts. Including this nut in your diet can help you in having good amount of tryptophan which can produce serotonin. Serotonin increases the mood in much better manner. If you are someone who is suffering from the issue of depression then you can make your condition better by having groundnuts included in the diet.

Boosting Memory

Vitamin B3 is another major content that is present in groundnuts. Including groundnuts in the diet can thus make you improve the memory power. Ground nut is indeed a brain food. This nut can make your brain function normally and also can increase the memory to a great extend. This nut is good to be given to the kids for their better brain development.

Regulation of Blood Sugar

Blood sugar can be maintained well if you are eating groundnuts regularly. It is the presence of Manganese in groundnuts that makes it possible for controlling the sugar level. Manganese is the mineral that can play vital role in the regulation of blood sugar, calcium absorption and also in the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat.

Cancer Protection

Cancer is the deadly disease which has stolen smiles from many faces. Groundnuts have got beta sitoserol in it which is a kind of phytosterol. This component helps in protecting against the cardiovascular disease as it can interfere in absorbing cholesterol. Tumor growth can also be inhibited by the groundnuts through which cancer can be prevented.

Lowering Bad Cholesterol

Groundnuts also have the ability for reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. These nuts have got copper in it and it can help in maintaining the levels of the cholesterol. It helps in increasing good cholesterol and also in decreasing bad cholesterol. If you have the issue of increased level of bad cholesterol then you can consider having ground nuts as your snack so that you gradually can come out of the condition. It is possible for eating groundnuts as fried, boiled, roasted or in raw form.



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