23 Mar

Avial,the typical Kerala dish which can allure your taste buds with it’s amazing taste. Avial can really go well with rice. This dish tastes awesome and is considered as the best and major one to be part of the Kerala sadhya. This is a dry dish which can be an ideal one to be included in the diet for summer. It has got so many veggies and also all that for keeping your body cool during summer. You can make avial very easily

Avial is a mixed vegetable dish that can make you stay healthy. These veggies, coconut, curd and all that makes your diet great. Making any dish is not something that makes you a good cook but you should be able to serve the best in terms of health and taste. Avial can be an ideal dish which comes in this category. In Kerala no traditional meal is complete without avial. It is one among the simple dishes which almost everyone love to have.

Story behind avial

Every dish has got a story behind it and it is really amazing to explore the story behind the delicacies. These stories are delicious and amazing. Avial is a dish that has got an interesting mythology associated with it.
Mahabharata is one of the popular epics in india which has a story to contribute for our avial.
Bheema, one among the pandavas was once a cook of the king of virata. There was once a situation when bheema was supposed to make food for some guests of the king who came all in a sudden. None of the veggies in the kitchen was in sufficient quantity to make a good dish to serve to the guests. It was then that bheema decided to try something different with all the veggies in the kitchen. He thus finally ended up in making avial.

Ingredients to make avial

now let’s come to our point of discussion. The ingredients you need for making this healthy dish. Avial can be made with any veggies you like but make sure that you follow the basic things to get that flavour.
1. Drumsticks-2
2. Carrots -3
3. Cucumber (oblanga)
4. Raw banana-1 Cup
5. Elephant yam-1 Cup
6. Curd-1cup
7. Grinded coconut-1cup
8. Green chillies
9. Cumin seeds
10. Coconut oil
11. Curry leaves
12. Salt
13. Water
Here we are going to see how to make avial with the basic ingredients and following the authentic procedure. You can make changes to it as you want.

Procedure to make avial

It may take about 30 minutes for you to prepare this dish. The only thing that needs you to spend more time is for chopping the veggies. Here are the steps you need to follow so that you can make amazing avial.

1. Chop the veggies in rectangular shape. It may take some time for you to get this work done. Make sure that you chop all of them in same shape. It can make your avail quite appealing for your eyes.

2. Once when the chopping is done, you can cook the veggies. Do not add so much of water but just what is essential for boiling the veggies and also add essential salt.
3. Leave the veggies on stove in simmer and then make the paste of grinded coconut,greenchillies and cumin
seeds. Do not add water to it. You can add chillies as per you taste.
4. Check whether veggies are cooked; make sure that you do not overcook them. You can add the mixture that you have made to the veggies and also curd. keep in simmer for two minutes.
5. Now you can gently stir the paste to mix well with the veggies. This can make the dish get the awesome flavour.
6. It is the time for the last thing to do that is to pour some coconut oil on the top of the dish and add curry leaves. Mix
Avial is perfectly ready to be served. It can taste exceptional with rice.



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