How to Make Banana Cake
29 Feb

Banana cake is indeed a fluffy, smooth and delicious one which you can give to your kids without any worries. It is totally healthy so you can even serve to elders in the family during Diwali. If you wonder how to make banana cake then you need to go through this whole article and find the recipe of it. Banana cake is commonly called as banana bread. You can make this with either refined flour( maida) or wheat flour( Atta). It is always good to stick with atta rather than maida as it is better for health.

Story of Banana Cake

As I always say, before we prepare the dish or have it, it is fun to know about it. Banana cake is a very popular dish and so it is really exciting to know how and when it started it’s journey of taste. It does have a tale to reveal which is quite interesting. Banana is the fruit that has Asia as it is home and it had it’s origin during 2000 BC. The Asians including Malaysians, Indians, Philippines had banana cultivation but as they had rice as staple food and  not wheat, so they never tried making bread with it. The form of the banana cake that we make these days have baking soda in it. It is in the year of 1796 that the pearlash is found by the housewives in America. This is the earlier form of baking soda but then it was not commercially prepared or sold. It was by 1857 that baking powder became available commercially. Banana bread is thought to have it’s birth by 18th century. It is really exciting to know that baking powder is something that was made by common women from their kitchens.

Why to Make Banana Cakes?

Before you have some food item or make something, you should ask to yourself why. I know most of the foodies find it difficult but try to inculcate that habit so that you gradually avoid the junks and the stuffs which are causing you harm. Banana which is the major ingredient in the banana cake is a wonder by itself. Before going to it when you consider the cake as a whole, it is not something made with any high calorie ingredients which can blow your diet. It is a very simple dish that can be light on your stomach. When you get cakes or any other snacks from market for your kids, you always have to be much bothered as you are not very sure about the ingredients. When you make this at home, you can give that to your kids without any kind of worries.

When we talk about banana there are so many things to be highlighted which may impress you to add that to your diet. The potassium in banana can aid for maintaining the health of your heart, bones and kidneys. The bananas also provide you with so much of energy to do various activities. It is a fruit that cures ulcer and also have got so many minerals and vitamins in it.

Things Needed to Make Banana Cake

We have discussed so much about the history, benefits and now let’s see what and all ingredients are required to make banana cake.

Bananas- 3

How to Make Banana Cake

Wheat Flour – 1 ½ cup

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Sugar-3/4 cup

How to Make Banana Cake

Oil- ¼ cup

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Eggs- 2

How to Make Banana Cake
Baking Powder – 1 teaspoon

How to Make Banana Cake

Salt- ¼ teaspoon

How to Make Banana Cake

Vanilla Essence- 1 teaspoon

How to Make Banana Cake

Cinnamon powder- 1 teaspoon

How to Make Banana Cake


How to Make Banana Cake?

Banana cake is one such kind of dish that you can make at home for your kids very easily. The only thing you have to be careful is about the proportion of the ingredients you are using. If there is any err in that it can spoil the whole dish. To make the batter of banana cake all that you need to do is to mix all the ingredients well.

Step 1:It is good to use a mixer and get all the ingredients blended well for you to make the cake. The first thing you need to blend well is the banana. Make sure that it is blended well.

Step 2: Add eggs to it that just needs some seconds to blend with the smashed bananas.

Step 3: Now you can add all the ingredients and turn on the mixer to get batter for your cake. It should be a thick batter similar to the ones we use for making any other cake.

Step 4: You can cook the batter in the oven for 20 minutes and your cake is ready


Here are some tips so that you can make banana cake in the way you exactly need. Understand these things so that you can make your preparation much better.

  1. It is good to use some cake molds so that you can make small cakes looking like muffins out of it.
  2. If you are using small bananas then it is good to take 6 for making the batter.
  3. If the bananas that you use are over ripen then you can reduce the quantity of sugar used for the cake.
  4. You can add some nuts, dry fruits or choco chips to the cake batter for making it more delicious.
  5. Banana cake can be made in cooker or steamer but ensure that you know the timing else your cake may become a disaster.

Banana cake is really awesome to taste and you can try this as one of the dishes for Diwali for a change. It is really simple and tasty dish to try at home during holidays.


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