24 Feb

Banana is a fruit that is very commonly available in Kerala. It is cultivated in a large scale in the state. It can easily be grown in the compound of any home if there is adequate space. If you are so much bored of having banana as raw then you should try making some dishes with that. Natural and raw is anyway good for health but trying with some good and new recipes can really do wonders and make your taste buds much happy.

Bananas are really healthy to be included in your diet. Bananas can make you feel full and can be even considered as a good alternative for snacking. This fruit can really make you get rid of indigestion as well. It has got good amount of fibers in it which makes it a good fruit for making digestion happen easily. This fruit also can make you get rid of the issue of constipation.

Ingredients for Making Banana Jam

Banana jam can be made very easily and it needs you to use only common and easily available ingredients. You can make banana jam with just bananas and some jaggery. All that you need is these two things for making such yummy dish. If you want to add some more flavour can add any essence to it. It is always good to make things natural than adding some artificial flavours to them.

How to Make Banana Jam

Making banana jam is something very easy for you but it needs some time. As the ingredients are very easily available, the procedure is also much easier.

You need to crush the bananas well in the mixer and make them in to fine form. The next step is to make the syrup of jaggery. It is also possible to make jam with sugar syrup but jaggery is healthier than sugar and so it is good to consider that to be included in the recipes. Take the amount of jaggeries as per your taste and make syrup of that. It is not good to let it get concentrated as we want loose syrup for it.

Now take a big vessel and pour both the banana and jaggery syrup into it. You need to stir continuously. Do not go away but keep on stirring. It may take some time and so simmer it for stirring it well until you get it in jelly form.

Your jam may have sour taste on the first day. Do not worry but just warm it in the next two days. You can now find it really tasty. Fill it in a tight container and store in refrigerator for future use.



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