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28 Feb

Fish is one such food item that is equally healthy as well as tasty to find. Batter fried fish is such a delicacy that you should try and it really can make you drool. It tastes so good and moreover it just melts in your mouth. It is batter fry, it has got good amount of calories but it still can be tried once in a while so that you get to eat fish in the most amazing form. Quintessential batter fried fish is the delicacy that is so much related with British. It is always good for you to explore and dig up about the dish. As we always do try to know more on the dish before actually trying to make that.

History of Batter Fried Fish

Fish is much related with British culture. Chips and deep friend fishes were the major meals of British. Even when French calls British les rosbifs, it was the fish fry and chips that were the major meals for them for long time. Fish fry was called the dish of poor and it was the staple food for the working class. Now the condition has changed  and fish is not so cheap to be available. If we talk about the origin of the battered fry made with fish it is something from Jews. This dish is called as legacy in Portuguese Marranos.  The dish came to England during 16th century when they migrated to England through Holland. The dish was taken up by Nominal Christians who practiced Jews. They fried fish on Friday and then had it cold the same night and also even on next day. Manuel Brudo which was written in 1544 has evidences that says that these batter fried fishes are the favorite diet for the Marrano refugees. Even when the dish is so much associated with British it is Jews who are the real ones behind this dish.

Pros of Eating Fish

Fish is really a healthy food item to be included in the diet. If you are not sure about including fish in the diet then understand about the advantages in eating the fish. It is always good for you to choose fish so that you can easily get the best kind of the advantages with it.

Fish is much helpful in preventing heart disease. Women who do not eat fish may be more prone to heart disease than the ones who eat that at least once in week. The omega 3 fatty acids which are found in fish can help in reducing blood fat. This is the fact that reduce the risk of getting affected by heart disease.

Eating the fish is something that can actually help you in easily reducing the risk of getting affected by Alzheimer’s disease. This can actually happen because fish can preserve the gray matter – neurons. The omega 3s ca even nourish your hair and skin with the healthy fat it provides. It can also reduce depression effectively.


White  and Firm Flesh – Fish Fillets – 500 grams

How to Make Batter-Fried Fish

White Flour(Maida)-1 tablespoon

How to Make Batter-Fried Fish

Finely chopped parsley – Handful

How to Make Batter-Fried Fish


How to Make Batter-Fried Fish

For Making Batter:

Baking Powder – teaspoon

White Flour- 1 cup

Egg- 1

Soda water – 1 cup

Salt and Pepper

How to Make Batter Fried Fish

This fish fry can be prepared easily. It is easy to get fish fillets and all you need to do is to wash that in running water and then follow these steps.

Step 1: Pat dry your fish and roll in flour and then parsley. You can keep that aside for some time.

Step 2: Just whisk the flour, egg, baking powder, soda water and also seasoning for better consistency of the batter.

Step 3: Heat oil in deep pan for frying the fish.

Step 4: You need to dip the fish you want to fry in the batter and coat that well in batter.

Step 5: Place the coated fish into the oil that has turned hot.

Step 6: Fry the fish in medium heat until it turns golden.

Step 7: Serve the batter fried – fish along with the lemon.

Batter fried fish can be served with chips as it is the best combination that you can ever have. This is the British way of having it. You can easily try this dish on a weekend and make your family really happy.


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