19 Mar

If you are thinking about making some good snack at home then you can try something healthy and a complete food. There are so many dishes of Kerala that are really healthy and can be a filling snack. Ila ada is a perfect kind of dish which you can include as a snack. It can even be served to your kids without any kind of worries. Understand about this traditional snack of Kerala so that you will know what exactly you get from this for your health.


Know Ila Ada

Ila Ada is a typical dish of Kerala which can be understood from the various ingredients that are used for making it. Rice flour is the one which is used as the base in ila ada. Rice is the staple food of Kerala and so rice flour is something easily available in any kitchen of Kerala. Coconut and jaggery are other things that are added in ila ada. Coconut is also something that you get in abundance in kerala. All these ingredients are highly nutritious and also healthy for the body. It would be really great for you to include ila ada as a snack so that you and your family feel great.



It is possible for anyone to try in making ila ada with very less and easily available ingredients. The major ingredients that make ila ada include rice flour, jaggery and coconut. You can make use of plantain leaves for making it.


Procedures for Making Ila Ada

It is necessary for you to prepare the base of the ila ada at first. Rice flour is the base for making ila ada. You need to mix rice flour, pour some water and also add adequate salt for making the base. Do not add too much of salt. It is also good for you to choose rice powder that is finely powdered for making the base.

Now you can crush the jaggeries for forming very fine and small pieces of it. Grind coconut, add that to jaggery and mix that well. This is the filler for the ila ada.

Now take the plantain leaves and you can then apply the base to it. Use your hand and make sure that the rice flour is not applied so thick. After this keep the filler inside it which is the mixture of jaggery and coconut.

Now close the plantain leaves and press so that the rice flour sticks at each sides well. You can use the vessel that you use for making iddaly for making ila ada. Pour adequate amount of water in the iddaly making vessel and keep the ila ada on the top for cooking that. It is a compete food and is really so good for your health.



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