how to make jackfruit halwa

Sweets like halwas are not an unknown thing in Indian cuisine. Indians are so much interested in having different kinds of halwas. In fact we make halwas with everything possible. Here we will see how to make jackfruit halwa. It is an awesome and delicious variety that can allure your taste buds. This sweet has amazing taste that anyone can love. It can be made with fewer ingredients.


Why to Make Jackfruit Halwa?

Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit and you need to process that to some form if you want to have that throughout the year. Preparing jackfruit halwa is a good method for processing and storing jackfruit. It is a tasty and healthy dish that you can have throughout the year if you are preserving that well. It is a rich and delicious dish that almost everyone can fall in love with.

It has got very few and healthy ingredients in it. Once when you make this halwa, you can taste jackfruit throughout the year. Only thing you need to take care is to store that well in a dry place so that it will not get spoiled. Halwa usually can be used for the whole year if you store that in a tight container and store that well.



Jackfruit halwa has got only few ingredients in it which are jackfruit, jaggery, ghee and coconut milk. It is really so healthy and tastes incredible. These ingredients are also much easily available in your kitchen and so you can try making this sweet.


Procedure for Making Jackfruit Halwa

It is not so easy for you to make this halwa. As like any other halwa you need to stir a lot. It will take time for making it to the halwa form and texture. Ingredients are easily available and can have much awesome taste but have to spare some amount of time, so better to choose a weekend for making this halwa.

First you need to make jaggery syrup. Take jaggerries based on the amount of jackfruit you are planning to use and also the sweetness you want. Do not make this too concentrated. We need this syrup to be used for cooking jackfruit.

Ripen Jackfruit should be made to small pieces so that it can easily be cooked. Pour the jaggery syrup to jackfruit pieces and then stir that well. Add some ghee also so that you get the alluring flavour. It is necessary for you to stir that for much time until you get a jelly kind of texture. You can keep that in simmer for some time and can make coconut milk.

Squeeze out the grinded coconut for getting the coconut milk you need for the halwa. Pour this to the jelly like jackfruit. Keep stirring and add some more ghee. Make sure that you stir so well that you finally get dark brown colored halwa. It should be dry so that you can preserve for longer time. It is healthy and also much tasty. Summer is all set to come and it is the season to make jackfruit halwa.



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