24 Jul

When it comes to Kerala cuisine, palada is the best and tastiest dish. This sweet dish forms an integral part of the traditional Kerala meals. Palada is the finest and yummy dish that you must taste for enjoying the real taste of Kerala cuisine. Palada is really an awesome dish which can touch your heart. There are various things that you need to know about making paalada so that you can make paalada at home and serve for your family members.

Palada and kerala

Palada is the finest dish that is much related with the culture of Kerala. It is a rich dish and no sadhya is complete without paalada. Palada is a sweet dish that tastes exceptional and can be a great way for you to treat your guests and make your family happy. Whenever you have guests at home, include this awesome dish in the meals to see them smile while enjoying meals.

Palada is made with rice ada and milk in it. It is a simple dish but with such an amazing taste which makes it irressistable. It is possible for you to easily make this dish and enjoy its amazing taste. Making rice ada and then making payasam with it can taste awesome.

Making rice ada

Readymade rice adas are easily available in market however making rice ada at home can complete the payasam and give it it’s typical taste. Making rice ada is not a hard thing. Rice ada can be made with a little time spent on it .


1. One cup of rice

2. Sugar – 2 Teaspoons

3. Ghee-2 Teaspoons


Kerala cuisine is incomplete without palada payasam. Rice ada can be made easily with little effort. Follow the procedure well for getting finest rice adas.
1. Grind the rice well to fine powder.
2. Seive the powder well.
3. Add ghee and sugar to the rice powder and mix well.
4. Add hot water and make the batter with the consistency that of chappathy batter.
5. Get plantain leaves and cut them into about six squares. Show them on fire for making them flexible.
6. Now the batter can be spread to the plantain leaves. Make sure that you do not make it very thick.
7. Once when the batter is spread, you can keep that for steaming.
8. The cooked adas then need to be removed from the plantain leaves and washed. Wash it at least 4 times so that it is not sticky.
9. Chop the rice adas finely.
10. Store them out of moisture in a tight container so that you can use that in future.

Making Palada payasam

If you are making palada payasam by stirring milk until it thickens it is going to be a real hard thing. I have a pretty easy method to share with you which can make palada payasam a very handy dish.


1. Milk – 2 Litres

2. Sugar – 250 Grams.

3. Butter(optional)

4. Homemade ada.


Making palada payasam can be made really easy by following this procedure.
1. Pour milk,add sugar and ada to a pressure cooker and keep that on stove.
2. When you hear the first whistle, keep it in simmer.
3. Keep it for 20 Minutes in simmer and turn the flame off.i
4. Wait until it is safe to open.
5. Add butter if you want.

The palada payasam is great with it’s awesome look and flavor. Trust me, the mild pinkish shade of palada payasam can be accomplished with this procedure. It tastes and also looks great.



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