22 Jul

Unnakaya is the banana delight that you may find very common in the northern side of Kerala. Malabar Muslim festivals and special occasions are incomplete without this sweet dish. It is a snack very close to the traditional Muslims of Kerala. Unnakaya has got the capability of stealing your heart. It is not hard to make unnakaya but the delight that it gives the one who have it makes it always a great choice for any special occasions. Unnakaya is a snack that is very filling and all the ingredients are good for your health. Unnakaya really has got everything in it that makes it a healthy sweet dish.

Unnakaya and tradition

Muslims from the northern Kerala includes this sweet snack as an important dish in the Ramadan feast. It is always a choice of all the malayalees as a snack to serve for the guests. Unnakaya means cotton pod as this snack resembles the shape of those. These are perfect to be served for the guests and very easy to make too. This dish is awesome and is something belonged to the traditional cuisine. You can try all the new possibilities but what makes it tastier is it’s authentic form.

Health and unnakaya

Unnakaya even when is a fried snack has got immense to offer to health. Unnakaya has got very healthy and amazing ingredients. It is really a great snack for kids as well as adults. Banana the major ingredient of it really fills your stomach and the rich fiber in it makes digestion much easier. Coconut, cashew raisins are also excellent for your health. Pressed rice makes it a filling snack. If you love something sweet then unnakaya is going to be something that you are going to love.


The ingredients for the Unnakaya are very simple and much healthy. Anybody can easily make this dish at home. To make 8 Unnakayas we need the following ingredients.
1. Bananas (nenthra pazham)-1

2. Grated coconut -1 cup

3. Ghee -1 Cup

4. Crushed cardamom-2

5. Powdered cashew-2 tablespoons

6. Chopped raisins(dry grapes)-2 Tablespoons

7. Rice flakes – 4 Tablespoons

8. Sugar-as per your taste.

9. Oil

Procedure to make unnakaya

Unnakaya is not a dish that can be tried only by a specialist cook. Anybody who love to cook can try this recipe and enjoy the taste of crispy hot unnakayas.

1. Banana should be boiled first and peel off. The steamed banana needs to be then mashed well.       These mashed bananas are going to be used for making balls and filling mixture in it.
2. Heat ghee in a pan and then add cashew powder, raisin, coconut and cardamom to it. Stir well.
3. Once when the mixture is sauteed well, add rice flakes and sugar to it and mix well. Take this off from stove   and keep aside for cooling.
4. Apply some ghee on hands and then make balls out of smashed bananas.
5. Flatten the balls and fill the mixture you have already prepared.
6. Now make it in the shape of unnakaya which is like that of a spindle.
7. Heat oil in the pan and deep fry your unnakayas.
8. Serve these unnakayas with black tea for better and awesome combination.

Some tips

when you make unnakaya if you are taking care of certain things then it can give you the dish in it’s awesome form.
1. Get nenthra pazham for making unnakaya. This a breed of bananas which forms a tight texture when smashed.
2. Banana you choose should not be over ripened. Over ripen bananas may not have the texture that you want when it is smashed.



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