Make fish hooman
25 May

Fish Hooman is a typical Goan dish that can excite your taste buds. The people of Goa find their meals incomplete without fish curry. It is one such dish from the cuisine of Goa, which is a blend of native and Portuguese style. If you are someone who loves seafood then this is a dish worth a try. Learning to cook fish in different styles is a good way to make your family eat fish frequently. It is also time for you to get ready with the list of dished you are going to prepare for weekends and this dish can be really a good choice. Let’s see how to make Fish Hooman.

Story of Fish Hooman

Hooman just means curry. This is the terminology that you can find in the culinary books of Saraswat Brahmins. There was a sect of them who lived in Goa and they made hoomans with veggies. There are all possibilities of the same style of cooking to be adopted for fishes too. There are no much records on when the dish got introduced to the Goan cuisine. It is anyways a fact that most of the people in Goa had fishing as their occupation and fish as their staple food. This has made them try different styles of cooking with fish and one such is Hooman. It is indeed a delicacy that one should prepare at home to get the authentic taste. Kokum added in the fish gives great flavor to the dish. It is also advised to use earthenware to store the dish to really experience the taste.

Ingredients You Need to Make Fish Hooman

This dish do not come with any fancy ingredients but all the raw things you can find in your kitchen.

Medium sized Kingfish- 1

Make fish hooman
Garlic- 10gm

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Ginger- 10 gm

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Coconut – 1 cup

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Chili powder – 10 gm

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Coriander seed – ½ tablespoon

make fish hooman
Chopped onions- 2 cup

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Red chillies – 7

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Cumin seed- 1 tablespoon

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Turmeric powder – 3 teaspoon

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Salt – 3 tablespoon

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Chopped tomatoes – 2

make fish hooman
Kokum- 5

make fish hooman
Oil- 10ml

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Water – 3 cups

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Method to Make Fish Hooman

Step 1: Ginger, 1 cup onion, cumin seeds, coconut, red chilli and 2 bay – leaves should be blended well to prepare a fine paste.
Step 2: You can either buy fish fillets of whichever fish you want or you can get the fish, clean it and cut to fish fillets of 3 inches length.
Step 3:You can now put the fish to a dish, add 2 teaspoon of salt, two teaspoon of turmeric powder and garlic powder. Mix this well and let it marinate for about 30 minutes.
Step 4: Heat the pan, add oil and then fish when the oil is hot.
Step 5:You can shallow fry 3 to 4 fillets at once and each side of the fillets need about 4 minutes to get fried. Set the fried fish fillets aside in a plate.
Step 6:Once all the fish fillets are fried, you can remove the oil used to fry fish and add new oil to the pan.
Step 7:Add onion to it and sauté it to brown.
Step 8: Now you can add the paste you made earlier, the left over salt, turmeric powder and tomatoes.
Step 9:Saute it until the paste turns brown which may take about 10 minutes.
Step 10: Add water and kokum to the pan
Step 11: Once the gravy starts boiling, you can add the fried fish fillets and allow that to boil about 15 minutes.

Fish hooman is really going to be a great dish you can try on Easter. It is the best time to experiment with non-veg and fill your dining table with the best delicacies possible.


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