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It is much easier for you to make grape wine. Grape wine has got a significant role in adding flavour to the celebration of Easter. Feast of Easter is incomplete without wine. The wines that Keralites make at home are something entirely different from the wines that you get from other places.
Wines taste awesome and making them at home makes them highly healthy and much tasty. Wine cannot be prepared just in a day as you know; wines taste better when they are served after long time. Easter can be made much amazing with the sweet taste of grape wine. Grape wine can be really amazing to add with the feast of Easter

Keralites have adopted the habit of wine from the people who have come and lived in the state. Keralites have skimmed many habits, varieties of delicacies and other things from the people who have explored and stayed here.

Ingredients of grape Wine

Grape wine needs fewer amounts of ingredients. It needs time and effort but it’s worth it.
1. Grapes-1kg

2. Sugar-2kg

3. Water-4.5 Litres
4. Yeast-2teaspoon

5. Luke warm water-1/2 cup

6. Cinnamon stick-1

7. Cloves-3

8. Sugar-1/2 cup(for caramelizing)

Procedure to make wine

  1. Wine is usually prepared in porcelain jars called baranis in kerala. If you do not get barani then you can buy glass jars for preparing wine.
    2. The jars should be washed and dried in sun before preparing wine.
    3. You need to boil and then cool water completely.
    4. Wash grapes and clean by removing stalks.
    5. Pour Luke warm water to yeast and dissolve it. Keep it aside for about fifteen minutes for it to rise.
    6. Crush the grapes using wooden spatula or with your hands.
    7. Add half of the sugar to the grapes and mix well.
    8. Transfer this to ceramic jar and dissolve yeast too in the jar. 9. If you want to add spices then you can add cinnamon and cloves to the jar. These spices can give your wine with great aroma.
    10. Add water after boiling and then cooling well to the jar.
    11. Mix all the ingredients well and keep them in air tight jar for 15 Days.
    12. Stir the whole ingredients of wine daily. You can find air bubbles coming up which indicates fermentation.
    13. It is good to stir for the first fifteen days and then keep it closed tightly.
    14. After 15 days, you can strain the grape pulp to a different glass jar or porcelain jar. Mix  remaining sugar to wine. Wine can be hazy during this stage.
    15. Again keep the grape wine in jar for another 15 days. You get clear wine by keeping it like this. 16. If you want to add natural golden colour to this wine, you need to add caramelized sugar to the wine.
    17. You need to strain the wine after few days of adding caramelized sugar to it.
    18. Store the strained wine in clean and dry glass bottles.

Procedure for caramelizing sugar

Caramelized sugar can give your wine its awesome look. Caramelization of sugar can be very easily done.

  1. Add 1/2 cup of the sugar to saucepan.
    2. Heat the sugar in sauce pan in medium heat and stir that continuously until the sugar is melted and it turns out dark brown.
    3. Remove the pan from stove and place pan on water that is ice cooled. This ensures that sugar is not burnt.
    4. Add about 4 to 5 Tablespoons of the hot water to the sugar syrup and then mix that well. Cool and then add syrup to the wine in the jar. Mix the syrup well with the wine.
    5. Caramelized sugar can turn the wine to dark colour in few days after adding that.

Handy tips

  1. It may take 42 days for preparing wine in cold place or during winter.
    2. Bubbles seen on the top of the jar indicate fermentation and when you find that there are no bubbles, it means that it’s time to strain it. When you find this, you can strain the wine and transfer to another jar.
    3. If you do not want you can avoid including spices to wine.
    4. You can increase or decrease the amount of sugar in the wine as per your taste.

Make wine and make your family happy with its yummy taste. It really tastes awesome and very healthy. Try this and celebrate every festival with the sweet grape wine.




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