If you want to get the best combination with aapam then you should know how to make potato stew. This traditional dish of Kerala is the favourite of not only malayalees but of people from other parts of the world. Potato stew is one among those traditional dishes of Kerala that are admired by the people from various parts of the world. This dish is loved by Keralites a lot and they are prepared in either loose or thick form. The concentrated potato stew can be used as a side dish with rice while the latter is perfect with aapam, idiyapam etc.


Why to Make Potato Stew?

Potato stew is a very fine and tasty dish that can allure your taste buds especially when you have them with idiyappam or aapam. Potato stew can be made very easily and it is a dish with rich taste of coconut milk. There are no ingredients in this dish that is harmful to your body. In fact it is a highly healthy dish.

This dish might have got it’s origin as Kerala is the place that had abundance of coconut cultivation. The major ingredient in stew is coconut milk which can be very easily available. It is true that now you can easily make coconut milk with the instant coconut milk powder. If you want to get the real taste of stew then it is good to make coconut milk with coconut by your own in the traditional way.



Potato stew can be made easily and it has got very few ingredients in it. You may need time only for making coconut milk otherwise it is quite much easier to prepare. Potatoes, green chilly, ginger, coconut milk, curry leaves and some oil are the ingredients that you need for making potato stew. Do not forget to include ginger as it adds the real flavor to coconut milk and make the dish much tasty.



The first thing that you need to do is to make coconut milk. We need to types of coconut milk which are the concentrated one and the diluted one. Grind coconut and then squeeze that out in a clean cloth for the concentrated coconut milk. Do not add water but just squeeze well. Once this is done, then add some water and squeeze the grinded coconut again. Now what you get is the diluted coconut milk. Keep them separate.

Now you need to cook potato, green chilly and ginger. Chop them and keep them in pressure cooker with adequate water. Turn the stove off after three whistles. It is good to get the veggies cooked well so that our stew becomes much tasty.

Now take the veggies and pour diluted coconut milk to it. Add necessary salt too. Keep it in simmer and let the coconut milk boil and then add the concentrated coconut milk, curry leaves etc. Make sure that you also add some small amount of oil to the dish. Your potato stew is all set to be served.



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