Fola is a typical Manipuri dish. We can even say that a good recipe that points out the rich culture of this place. Farming and agriculture is not unfamiliar to Manipuris as there was a time when it was a major way of living. Fola include all the things that were cultivated in abundance in the place. It is even used as a special dish to be prepared on the religious occasions. If you once taste fola then you will fall in love with it. What makes this dish more appealing is that it is very easy to make fola.


Why to Make Fola?

It is possible for you to make fola as a sweet to be included for the snacking time. Fola is made with healthy ingredients that should be added in your diet. It is very tasty too. There is no need for you to buy anything special for making this dish. It has got only such ingredients that can be available easily in your kitchen. Buying some items from bakery or having fried items can have very bad impact on your health. It is always good for you to learn some dishes that can be prepared fast and also in healthy way. Fola is one such dish that you can prepare just in the matter of few minutes and it comes with very nutritious ingredients too. If you are having any plan to reset your diet so that you reduce fast food and eat natural then it is an ideal dish to be included in the diet.



Fola has got only few ingredients that are available very easily in most of the kitchens in India. You need banana, milk, pressed rice, sugar and some curd for making fola. It is the dish that is made with just 5 ingredients. All these are highly nutritious and banana can improve your digestion too. You can try this anytime if you want some filling snack.


Procedure in Making Fola

This tasty dish can be made in just few minutes and you need not have to cook anything except boiling milk. You can boil milk and let it cool. Now take the bananas and smash them well with a spoon. When the milk becomes cool then add that to the smashed bananas. Now add pressed rice to it. Make sure that you add adequate amount of milk. Add sugar as per your taste. The dish appears to be in semisolid form. Once when these things are added and you are ready to have it, pour small amount of curd to it. Mix fola well after adding curd. Your tasty and healthy fola is ready to be served.



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