How to Make Russian Fish Cake
02 Sep

A fish cake is something that sounds really a different recipe as to imagine fish as cake is hard. The name and the dish has no much similarities but it resembles more like a croquette than any cake. This dish is made with filleted fish, potato patty, batter or breadcrumbs. You can deep fry it, shallow fry it, bake it, grill it but what ultimately you are going to get is a tasty dish with fish. Russian fish cake recipe is a very old recipe that was widely found in the places which were near to sea. The recipe has undergone so many changes depending on the provinces and also with time.


Story of Russian Fish Cake

Russia is a nation that followed the diet which relies more on what they harvest. The Geographical area of the Russia is such that it has got Arctic Ocean towards the Northern side. This has made Russians develop an affinity towards seafood. The amount of fish that Russian eat is much more than any other culture as under the Orthodox Church of Russia, many of the days in a year are towards fasting. It is fish that is the only meat that one could eat during this time. Russian like Sturgeon the most and the black caviar is also collected in abundance from this fish.

If you had observed, you could have understood the fact that many of the recipes were first made just to make use of the leftovers but they gradually entered to the main course. The same has happened with fish cake too. It was in the beginning made with the leftovers of the fish so that nothing goes waste but later on this recipe has got so much attention that people have tried their own experiments to it giving way to so many varieties of the recipe. Russians have their own way of making it even that varies from chef to chef.


Why to Make Russian Fish Cake?

Fish cake is usually made with salted fish like cod. These fish items comes with so many pros that you may feel it amazing to add to your diet. The first and foremost advantage of eating salted fish is for the good amount of calories that you get with this fish. They also are good sources of minerals that are required by body for various reasons. Fishes even comes with antioxidants in them and also higher amount of sodium too making them finest to add to your diet.


Ingredients to Make Russian Fish Cake

Russian fish cake can be made with very simple ingredients that are easily available. Here are the ingredients to make fish cake which can be served to about 4 to 6.

Minced Fish Fillets(Cod, Coalfish, Whiting, Pollock ,Coley, or even Salmon will do) – 1 ½ Pounds

How to Make Russian Fish Cake

Finely Chopped onion – 1 of medium size

How to Make Russian Fish Cake

Egg- 1(Alternative:-2 egg whites)

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White bread( or Baguette)- 2 to 3 slices

How to Make Russian Fish Cake

Grated garlic – 2 cloves

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Butter – 2 tablespoons

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Milk- 3 ounces

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Salt & Pepper- As Per Taste

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Breadcrumbs- As required for breading

How to Make Russian Fish Cake


Procedure to Make Russian Fish Cake

Russian fish cake can be made very easily and it is really a healthy dish to consider for your family and the steps involved in making the dish are as follows.

Step 1 : First thing to do is to soak the bread. You should remove bread crust, cut the slices to small pieces and then let that soak in the milk for some minutes.

Step 2 : Once when you find the bread soaked, you can now mix the minced fish along with bread, pepper, salt, garlic, melted butter and onions. This forms the mixture with which we are going to make patties.

Step 3 : Wet your hands so that you can make patties with fish mixture and then can roll the same in breadcrumbs.

Step 4 : Heat your frying pan and then get the patties fried with medium heat and each side of the patties may take 7 minutes for frying. There is no need to use butter or oil for frying the fish patties.

Step 5 : You can serve Russian fish cake with some side dish like fresh veggies or potatoes to enjoy the dish.

Fish cakes does form a two in one combination that blends taste with health. This is the dish which you can prepare by dry fry and so no need for staying away from the dish in terms of health.


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